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Connecting approximately 350 alumni in Atlanta.

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President: ericissa [at] hotmail [dot] com (Eric Issa, MBA'98)

Vice-President: Rachel Sankey, BA'00

Past President: Heidi Allardyce, BA'79

Board Members:
Denis Duclos, ContEd'98
Eric Issa, MBA'98
Fred Toly, BSc'86, DipManApp'92
Bob Wicker, MArch'80

Dear alumni and friends,

This message will be my last, as I hand over the role of Branch President to Eric Issa on September 1. I first inquired about the branch in 1995, found it had been inactive for many years, and offered to revive it. When I was finally able to create a board three years ago thanks to keen volunteers, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would find a successor and be able to move on. My years of organizing events for all of you will be cherished ones and I thank you for your attendance at and interest in our branch events! I will remain on the board as Past President for the time being.

Eric Issa holds a McGill MBA and is a supply chain consultant who has lived in Atlanta since 2003. A native of the Montreal area, he did his undergraduate studies at École Polytechnique de Montréal, where he earned an Industrial Engineering degree in 1989. He has been an active and valuable board member of the McGill Alumni Association of Atlanta since March 2007. Prior to moving to Atlanta, he worked in Paris, Kuala Lumpur, several U.S. states and Montreal. Eric and his wife Kathrin have a daughter, Leandra.

Since my last newsletter in October, we have hosted a number of events, most of which we advertised by email. We held our 10th Annual Canadian Hockey Night in Atlanta on December 12, 2009, with 200 attendees, an incredible number considering it was a Saturday evening two weeks before the holidays! We organized a Family Day at the Atlanta Zoo in May, participated in the Canadian Consulate's International Soccer Day for Haiti in June, celebrated Canada Day with fellow expats at a Sandy Springs pub, where 300 attended (of whom 20 were McGill alumni and friends), and hosted a Summer Send-Off in August for 12 local students leaving to study at McGill this fall and their families.

I’d like to draw your attention to our next event that we hope you will try to attend (Eric will let you know of other events in 2010/11!):

  *  Friday, November 26 - 11th Annual Hockey Night, Montreal vs. Atlanta. Ticket ordering details will be sent by separate email in late September.

Also perhaps of interest to you, the Délégation du Québec à Atlanta is in the process of updating its Québécois in Georgia database and would like to include McGill Alumni who are from or have lived in Quebec. The Délégation uses this list to invite Québécois to the Fête nationale or other events of interest to Quebecers in Atlanta. Please e-mail your coordinates to celine [dot] longpre [at] mri [dot] gouv [dot] qc [dot] ca.

Be sure to bookmark this website,, to stay up to date on activities, get information on volunteering and view photos from past events. We welcome your ideas and comments. If you are interested in helping with events, becoming a board member, or holding an event at your home or business, please contact Eric. We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events.

In closing, I send warm McGill regards and heartfelt thanks for many wonderful memories over the last 15 years.
Heidi Allardyce, BA’79
Past President

Join your fellow alumni at one of the events organized by the McGill Alumni Association (MAA). From museum visits to pub nights to walking tours and more – the MAA offers a wide variety of activities to graduates and friends of McGill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many alumni are there in Georgia?
There are just over 370 McGill alumni in Georgia. Approximately 98 percent live within a 60-mile radius of Atlanta, and the rest reside in other areas of Georgia. We have email addresses for approximately 60 percent of these alumni. We would like to see that number increase, so please ensure yours is current.

Our main vehicle of communication is email. To receive all email alerts and mailings about local branch events, please ensure that McGill has your updated contact information. Email your name, year of graduation, faculty, full mailing address, phone number, and email address to records [dot] alumni [at] mcgill [dot] ca.

Are most of the alumni living in Georgia originally from Canada?
Yes. There are a few who are U.S. citizens by birth, although a vast number of McGill alumni living in Georgia have received U.S. citizenship and are now considered dual citizens.

Does the branch have established annual events?
At this time, two regular annual events are offered. They are: 

1. "Canadian Hockey Night in Atlanta" at the Philips Arena. This annual event, hosted by the McGill alumni branch in Atlanta since 2000 – the Thrashers' inaugural season – includes people from a variety of Canadian groups including staff of the Canadian Consulate to Atlanta and members of the Canadian Women's Club of Atlanta, CanAm Society, Quebec Trade Office and Atlanta Canadians group.


2. "Canadian Soccer Night" at the Remax Stadium. This event, held since 2007, is a great sporting event to watch. The Montreal Impact take on the Atlanta Silverbacks in pro soccer each year.

Do the events draw people of all ages?
Yes, most definitely. We have new grads, who have just moved to Atlanta, up to 80+-year-olds attend our events. In response to comments on our branch survey conducted in 2007, we are now organizing family events geared to small children on occasion and wine tastings for our adult alumni, in addition to our regular speaker and sporting events.

Are there annual dues or fees to join the alumni branch?
No. The alumni branches are operated on a "not-for-profit-plus" basis. This means, on occasion, there may be a few dollars added onto an event cost to help defray expenses for deposits on future events, gifts for speakers, and other costs incurred in running the branch.

How many alumni branches are there in the U.S.?
There are 25 branches/contacts throughout the U.S. Some of the branches, especially those in the larger metropolitan cities with larger numbers of alumni, are more active than others. You can check out what other branches are doing (in case business or personal travel takes you to a city where we have an active branch) by clicking here.

If I give McGill my address and email, will I be solicited for donations to McGill?
If you provide Development and Alumni Relations with your contact information, you will be solicited for donations. However, you are entitled to request that your record be tagged "do not solicit," which means you will continue to receive your local branch mailings and the McGill News magazine, but will not be contacted about donating.

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