Email for Life

Keeping you in touch

Keeping you in touch

McGill University offers all graduates free email for life, featuring a web-based, 300mb account. You can get an email for life account when you become a member of the Alumni Online Community. Sign up now >>

Note that since November 2008, new graduates no longer have to sign up for the service via the Alumni Online Community. Grads of fall 2008 and later get it automatically!

Frequently Asked Questions

If I graduated prior to November 2008, how do I get my email for life account?

You get it by joining the Alumni Online Community. To join the Community you'll need a signup code; please ask for one here >>

You should get your code within 3 working days; once you have it, the signup process takes about 5 minutes, and you can find the registration page here >>

I registered and received an onscreen message telling me that an account was created for me. At that point, I also requested McGill email for life, but when I log in to the Alumni Online Community, I don’t see where to check my email. Where is the link to my account?

When you log in to the AOC and your account is ready, you will see a red bar to the right of your screen just under the main banner. Click on "email" to check your email for life account. If you don't see the button, there may have been a problem with the creation of your account. Get help >>

What happens if I don't use my email account for a while?

An account not used for 12 months will be deactivated (this was upgraded from 6 months in February 2011). An account can be reactivated, but bear in mind that any messages that were in the previous version of the account will be lost.

I am not able to delete messages because I am over my quota. How can I delete?

If you access your email for life account via Outlook Web App (OWA), deleted messages are moved to a deleted folder. To remove these items, go to the deleted folder and remove items from there. You can also delete email from your sent items folder in order to create additional space.

The email for life account I was given does not accurately reflect the name I go by (e.g. john [dot] smith [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca rather than jack [dot] smith [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca). Can I do anything about this?

You can create a nickname for your first name. Follow the instructions on the McGill IT Knowledge Base Change the name of my McGill Email Address.

by going to REGGIE and selecting “Change Account Information.” Click on “McGill Email Address,” log in and follow the onscreen instructions. Create an email nickname >>

Can I use my McGill email for life via my Outlook, Eudora or other email client, rather than accessing it via the Alumni Online Community?

Yes, you can access email via Outlook Web Access at or by configuring an email client. Visit the McGill IT Knowledge Base on Email for Alumni and find ways to access your email under the “How” section.

Visit the McGill IT Knowledge Base for more information at >>

I am a graduate who has come back to McGill to continue my studies. Should I sign up for the Alumni Online Community and for an email for life mailbox?

As of November 2008, students no longer have to register for the Alumni Online Community in order to get email for life – they have it automatically. However, you may want to sign up for the Alumni Online Community to benefit from its other features, such as access to class lists, the ability to search for fellow graduates, listings for alumni events worldwide, classifieds and much more. Register today >>