McGill’s greatest resource: You!

Every year, tens of thousands of alumni and friends donate to McGill. Collectively, they provide the University with a source of funding that assures stability and progress through good times and bad. Because of the generosity of individuals like you, McGill continues to find solutions to some of today’s most pressing problems. Donate now >>

A way to give for everyone

There are countless reasons to give to McGill and the cause of higher education. Maybe you received a scholarship and now you're in a position to support the next generation. Or perhaps you want to contribute to the fight against cancer. Whatever your motivation, this website can help you find the perfect way to make your gift. Make a difference >>

Campaign McGill: History in the Making Made

In October 2007, the University launched Campaign McGill: History in the Making. Thanks to the incredible generosity of over 95,000 alumni and friends from around the world, the Campaign raised a total of $1.026 billion, eclipsing its original goal of $750 million. The success of this ambitious comprehensive campaign will allow McGill to continue to nurture young talent, foster groundbreaking ideas and address some of the world's most pressing challenges. Learn more about Campaign McGill’s impact >>