Why should I give to McGill?

Because tuition and government grants only cover a portion of the actual cost of a McGill education, we need your help to bridge that financial gap in order to provide students with the best academic experience possible. Your gifts have an immediate and direct impact not only on students, but also on faculty, staff and researchers. In fact, they are the driving force that allows McGill to move forward with confidence.

Can I choose where to designate my gift?

Yes. You can designate your gifts to support a specific faculty, program or research area. Alternatively, you can allow McGill to direct the resources to where they are needed most.

How much of my gift really goes where I want it to go?

One hundred per cent of every dollar raised goes to the area or areas you indicate. No donated money is used for salaries or administrative costs.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Donations are generally tax-deductible, but this status is dependent on a number of factors. Contact your accountant or financial advisor to determine your tax credit.

What is McGill’s Charitable Taxation Number?

McGill University is a registered charity in Canada. Its business number is 11912 8981 RR0001.

Donors living in the U.S. who are not McGill alumni or the immediate family of McGill alumni and who would like a charitable tax receipt must make their donations to the Friends of McGill University, Inc. Learn more >>