Giving from the UK

A bridge across the Atlantic

In 1821, Scottish-born fur trader James McGill in his Will left his Montreal estate and a sizeable financial bequest to establish the University that bears his name. This founding gift established a link between McGill and the United Kingdom that endures to this day.

Today, more than 200 British students cross the Atlantic every year to study at McGill, while the United Kingdom is home to over 1,500 McGill alumni – returning Brits and expatriates alike. For many of these graduates, as well as parents and friends, McGill retains a special place in their hearts.

Making it easier to give back

For McGill alumni and friends living in the UK, the easiest and most tax-effective way to support the University is by channeling a donation to the McGill University Trust. Make a gift >>

Based in the UK, the McGill University Trust provides UK taxpayers with a tax-effective way of supporting programs and initiatives across McGill, particularly the McGill University Trust UK Trust Scholarship, which offers critical financial support to UK students who want to study at the University. Learn more >>