Directly Funded Gifts

Key differences

When considering a large, transformative gift to McGill, donors often choose to donate by either providing direct funding or establishing an endowment. As opposed to endowed gifts, which are invested by the University to both create a steady income stream and increase the principal, directly funded gifts are spent immediately or over a defined period.

Benefits of going direct

Comparatively, directly funded gifts have a higher immediate impact than an equivalent gift in endowment. They are spent relatively quickly – over three or five years – in support of donor-specified purposes such as scholarships and fellowships, campus renovations, lecture series, student travel funds, and countless other worthy initiatives.

McGill’s giving specialists

The development officer for your faculty or in your part of the globe can help you and McGill to get the most out of your gift. For more information, please contact:

don [dot] mcgerrigle [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Don McGerrigle), Senior Adviser, Primary Gifts, at 514-398-2199