Endowed Gifts

Gift for the future

Establishing an endowment is a great way for donors to make large, transformative gifts to McGill. This method of giving allows you to have a long-term impact on the University that will benefit students far into the future.

Argument for endowments

Endowment gifts are invested to create a steady income stream, paying out a limited yearly amount while the principal grows over the years and preserves purchasing power. Compared to directly funded gift that have an immediate but short-term impact, endowments and their related benefits last forever by generating stable funding for donor-specified purposes, such as scholarships, fellowships, chairs, buildings, academic programs or the University’s greatest needs. Most endowments are named in honour of the donor and may be pledged over three to five years.

Administration of McGill’s endowment

Endowed funds will be maintained in perpetuity to be available for the purposes established by the donor. For this reason, the University adheres to the highest standards of stewardship and fiduciary responsibility for all endowment funds. The University endowment is managed actively by external and internal managers chosen and regularly evaluated according to guidelines approved by the Investment Committee, a subcommittee of the Board of Governors, which also approves any changes in asset mix and distribution policy.

The overall objective is to obtain a total return (yield plus capital appreciation) that will provide an optimal, dependable source of income for the purposes specified for the endowment, while preserving the capital in real-dollar terms within the social and ethical norms of the University. Regular reports are made to donors in recognition of their importance to the University’s mission.

Contact us

For more information on endowments, please contact:

don [dot] mcgerrigle [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Don McGerrigle), Senior Adviser, Primary Gifts, at 514-398-2199