Seeds of Change

Get in on the action: McGill has launched a crowdfunding website!

McGill is pleased to announce the launch of our first ever crowdfunding platform, Seeds of Change. The platform will support a huge range of student-run philanthropic projects, including initiatives geared towards environmental causes, mental health and wellness, and food sustainability, among many others.

Come check out the new Seeds of Change crowdfunding website now!

Who we support

We promote student-focused and student-driven projects that are working to change lives and landscapes, from greening McGill’s campuses to sending budding engineers to help out in Africa.

With just a little help from you, our inspired participants can take their work to the next level. Learn more >>

What you can do

Ok, here's the pitch: We need your help – donate now! A few dollars can make a huge difference to these projects, because the people behind them know how to stretch a buck. After all, they're students just like you were. (Do you remember how many times you found a way to turn a few boxes of Kraft Dinner and a bottle of ketchup into two weeks of gourmet meals?) Learn more >>

Simple acts, big impact – here’s how

Pick – Choose a project that speaks to you, whether it’s sustainable initiatives, foreign aid or social services.

Participate – Get involved with the project by donating or spreading the word.

Keep Informed – Watch your project grow and achieve its goals with your support.

The time is now

You have the power to be part of the collective impact and make a difference in the life of your neighbour – whether across the street or around the world. Learn more >>