Seeds of Change

Welcome to Seeds of Change!

McGill students and alumni, please let us introduce ourselves – we're Seeds of Change, a fresh initiative from the McGill Alma Mater Fund, created to connect the people behind change-making projects with the cash flow to do even more! Learn more >>

Who we support

We promote student-focused and student-driven projects that are working to change lives and landscapes, from greening McGill’s campuses to sending budding engineers to help out in Africa.

With just a little help from you, our inspired participants can take their work to the next level. Learn more >>

What you can do

Ok, here's the pitch: We need your help – donate now! A few dollars can make a huge difference to these projects, because the people behind them know how to stretch a buck. After all, they're students just like you were. (Do you remember how many times you found a way to turn a few boxes of Kraft Dinner and a bottle of ketchup into two weeks of gourmet meals?) Learn more >>

Simple acts, big impact – here’s how

Pick – Choose a project that speaks to you, whether it’s sustainable initiatives, foreign aid or social services.

Participate – Get involved with the project by donating or spreading the word.

Keep Informed – Watch your project grow and achieve its goals with your support.

The time is now

You have the power to be part of the collective impact and make a difference in the life of your neighbour – whether across the street or around the world. Learn more >>