Arts Internships

Building experience and memories

Launched in 2002, the Faculty of Arts Internship Program has grown in size and popularity every year. The most recent crop of interns included almost 300 students who worked in 47 countries on four continents. Impressive, yes?

With such amazing opportunities just waiting to be had, students are literally banging down the door to the Arts Internship Office. Okay, maybe not. But there is often a long line of very eager looking students outside. By giving to Seeds of Change, you’ll help ensure that every qualified student who wants to intern has the chance.

Why give?

  1. Give current students a leg up and help them to get experience in their field before they graduate.
  2. Help our students assist countless people in the communities they work in.
  3. Help create memories our students and the communities alike will cherish for a lifetime.
  4. Make sure all qualified students can afford to go on their internships – all the small costs do add up!

Forget the box, think outside the continent
At Seeds of Change, we feel like we’ve found kindred spirits in our Arts Interns. We believe that, like us and like you, they know it’s not just about thinking outside the box – it’s about cutting holes in the box, sticking a flag on top and turning it into your latest, greatest Halloween costume.

Through the Arts Internship Program, we’re helping to create proud McGill ambassadors who carry this philosophy wherever they go. This makes us feel good, because we believe the world could use more people bursting out of the box than living in it.

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