Class Action 2011: Bring Your Own Bottle


What the heck is Class Action 2011 anyway?

We’re a group of McGill students who are helping the 2011 graduating class leave a special, one-of-a-kind gift to the McGill community – you know, a little something to remember them by. So we joined forces with the great folks at Seeds of Change to raise money for the Bring Your Own Bottle (aka BYOB) Project. Click here to meet our Committee Members.

BYOB? Like the parties I go to?

Umm, sorta. Class Action 2011 will hook McGill up with the funds it needs to purchase a new, super-high-tech, mobile kiosk that will provide purified (and free!) water at events around campus. Then all students will have to do is bring their own bottle, and they’ll have access to clean and great-tasting aqua. Now that’s refreshing! Find out more details here.

I’m, like, really busy. Why should I care?

First, leaving a legacy for future McGill students is just an awesome thing to do. Think about it: when the newbies are hanging out at OAP, they can beat the heat with this reliable source of clean water. Check out the top reasons to give.

Second, and more importantly, you will be helping McGill to kick its nasty habit of having plastic bottles all over campus. Doubt that this is really a problem? Watch this short video about how many plastic water bottles end up in landfills in North America and around the world.

Like what you hear? Click here to make a gift to this project >>

Take the plunge

For more information on Class Action 2011, email seedsofchange [at] mcgill [dot] ca or call 514-398-5707.