The E-Gator Project

The next generation of utility vehicle today

Class Action 2010 raised funds to purchase an electric utility vehicle for use on campus. The Office of Sustainability dug deep into current research about the most cost-effective models on the market and eventually decided to purchase the John Deere Electric Gator. They feel this lean, green machine best demonstrates the benefits of using fossil-fuel-free vehicles at the University – namely no noise and zero emissions.

Why give?

  1. Reduce our carbon footprint by using an emissions-free vehicle.
  2. Support the car-free initiative on campus by using the E-Gator to do the jobs a pick-up truck would normally do.
  3. Ensure that maintenance costs are covered so the E-Gator always functions at its maximum capacity.
  4. Help to keep our campus clean and green.

A breath of fresh air
Class Actioners have seen how the E-Gator has had an immediate impact around campus, replacing traditional trucks that are loud and release hyrdocarbon pollutants into the atmosphere. The University  uses the state-of-the-art vehicle for general grounds keeping duties, campus maintenance, recycling and garbage collection, and the delivery of organic waste to our composter. As a result, future McGill students, and in fact everyone in downtown Montreal, will breathe a little easier.

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