Social Equity and Diversity Education (SEDE)

Building bridges at McGill and beyond
The Social Equity and Diversity Education (SEDE) Office has its eye on the prize. Through education, training and outreach, it strives to create a truly equitable environment on campus and in the greater community. What makes this SEDE Office different from most of its counterparts in universities across Canada is that it is taking a proactive role on diversity and equity by educating the community as a whole, instead of reacting to individual cases of discrimination and harassment. A perfect example of how it’s trying to accomplish this goal is the Community Action Toolkit (CAT), a community engagement and leadership opportunity for McGill students. Through this program, students volunteer with CAT Community Partners, build links in the Montreal area, and connect with external minority communities.

Why give?

  1. Help make our campuses fair and inclusive for the entire McGill community.
  2. Encourage McGill students give back to the community through rewarding volunteer experiences with one of many worthwhile CAT projects.
  3. Connect McGill to the larger Montreal community in order to build stronger relationships through outreach.
  4. Enable students to develop leadership skills and build a support network while before they embark on their career path.

What’s in a name?
It’s only fitting that now Seeds of Change and the SEDE Office are working together – it was just a matter of time before we heard about each other (and instantly liked their choice in name!). Although the two groups are different, there are parallels. Both Seeds and SEDE are trying to have a positive impact on the McGill Community. Through education and outreach, SEDE is breaking down barriers and making our campuses an inclusive and equitable environment for all its members;  Seeds is raising money and awareness to help members of our community accomplish their goals , which  makes our community stronger.

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