Connecting with Our Community

Dear Colleagues,

McGill’s biggest strength is its people. The exceptional efforts of our faculty and staff members, students and retirees who make up our campus community are directly responsible for McGill’s status as Canada’s flagship university.

To celebrate the talent and dedication to our colleagues, the Campus Community Committee was formed in the summer of 2009. Our goal: to thank McGillians for their outstanding efforts and encourage camaraderie at both campuses.

We hope that fostering goodwill and community spirit will translate into more support for Campaign McGill. Your support is an important component of the comprehensive campaign because it shows alumni, friends and donors that we – the McGill campus community – believe in the University’s future. For this reason, your gift will inspire other donors to invest in McGill, too.

We encourage everyone to give at the level that they are comfortable with, since the goal is participation, rather than the size of gifts. If you are not in a position to participate financially, we still hope that you will get involved by joining us at some of our upcoming lectures, lunches and activities.

Together, we can define a future that is as vital and relevant as our past.


Campus Community Co-chairs:
Morty Yalovsky (Faculty Representative, Downtown Campus)
Robyn Wiltshire (Staff Representative, Downtown Campus)
Peter Knox (Macdonald Campus Representative)
Josh Redel (Student Representative)