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We have all played a part in helping McGill do more with less, so we know first-hand that it is absolutely essential for Campaign McGill to reach its goals if we are to remain a world-class institution.

However, we understand that such a large initiative naturally spawns reservations from those being asked to participate. Keep reading for answers to a number of frequently asked questions regarding the Campus Community Committee and its role in Campaign McGill:

Who is being asked to give to this campaign?
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The entire McGill community is being asked to support Campaign McGill, because it is a comprehensive campaign. As a result, alumni, friends, faculty, staff, students, retirees, corporations, foundations and individuals are all participating.

What’s the difference between a capital campaign and a comprehensive campaign?
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Traditionally, a capital campaign focused on a small number of large donations for a specific purpose, usually for capital projects such as new buildings. A comprehensive campaign seeks a large number of gifts at all levels and seeks to raise support for broadly defined objectives focused on an institution’s overall, long-term advancement, as defined by comprehensive institutional planning. Typically, these encompass all facets of a university – programs, student support, faculty support, research and infrastructure.

Why should I give to the campaign?
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There are two reasons we are being asked for a gift. The first is that this is a chance for all of us to directly improve the overall condition of our University through our personal gifts, and more particularly through the power of our collective contribution. By investing in McGill, we will be continuing a tradition of faculty and staff giving that is as old as the University.

Secondly, how can we expect others to make McGill a philanthropic priority if we do not see it this way ourselves? Each of our gifts sends a clear signal to foundations, corporations and other friends of McGill that their gift to the University is a good investment.

How can I give?
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There are many ways you can make a gift to the Campus Community Campaign. To make a gift online, please use the secure online giving form. To make a gift by phone using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, please call us at 514-398-2787 or toll-free at 1-800-872-8431. For information on wire transfers, please click here. Finally, to make a gift by mail (by cheque), please make it payable to McGill University and send it to: Campus Community Campaign, c/o Donation and Record Services, McGill University, 1430 Peel Street, Montreal, QC H3A 3T3.

When will the faculty and staff campaign – known as the Campus Community Campaign – begin?
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It has already begun. From June 2004 until April 30, 2013, all gifts from members of the McGill community will count toward Campaign McGill: History in the Making. In addition, pacesetting gifts have already been given by a number of our volunteer leaders, as well as senior faculty, staff and retirees. The wider Campus Community Campaign was officially launched in May 2010.

Can I direct my gift?
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After extensive consultations with members of the McGill community, the CCC has identified three themes that it feels encapsulate the priorities and passions of our faculty, staff, students and retirees. These areas are: supporting our students, sustainability on our campuses, and improving our University. We encourage you to direct your gift toward any or all of these worthy causes. Learn more >>

However, because participation is our primary goal, employees are welcome to give to any area of the University that they like. And all gifts, large or small, are equally welcome.

Is my gift tax deductable?
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Absolutely. You will benefit from an official tax receipt for all gifts made to McGill. Payroll deductions will appear on the donations box of your Relevé 1 and T4 slips for the corresponding year.

Can I make a donation to my own department?
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You can choose to support any area at McGill, but gifts may not be credited to a fund that is specifically under your control or for your distinctive benefit. For more information, please refer to the University online policy on donations.

Will my donations be kept confidential?
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Yes, all gifts are confidential. Only Development and Alumni Relations and payroll personnel will know what you decide to donate – and they are bound by strict confidentiality rules that ensure they will not disclose this information.

Isn’t educational funding the role of the government?
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Government funding, at best, covers only basic educational needs. It allows our University to survive, but not to thrive. To maintain our high international standards, we must rely on the tradition of private support from our wider community.

Doesn’t McGill already have a huge endowment?
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Valued at $962-million in 2011, McGill’s endowment is generous by the standards of Canadian universities, but is dwarfed by those of many of the top U.S. and international schools with which we compete. The University of Michigan, for example, had an endowment valued at $7.8 billion in 2011, while Harvard’s endowment in the same year was valued at $32 billion.

McGill’s endowment is a critical source of long-term financial stability for the University, but is not a source of unrestricted funds. The income generated by the endowment is strictly designated to projects of donors’ choosing, and cannot be redirected to other areas or to meet the University’s short-term needs.

With all your other sources of funding, why does the University still depend on philanthropy?
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If McGill’s aspirations were limited to research and teaching leadership in Quebec and Canada, we could rest on our laurels. But we live in an era in which business, research, medicine and the arts take place on a global playing field. McGill’s ability to play a national leadership role is directly dependent on its ability to compete internationally for top academic talent. There is a critical need for McGill to close the resources gap that exists between the top universities in this country, and the top public universities in the United States.

What would the consequences be if McGill didn’t raise this money?
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McGill would still be McGill. We would play a leadership role among Quebec and Canadian universities, and we would still be a strong university. But we would not be as strong; we would not be as successful in as broad a range of programs; we would not be as capable of competing internationally for top professors and students; and we would be less likely to produce revolutionary research findings and to prepare students who achieve so much for Quebec, for Canada, and for the world after they graduate.