FAQ - Getting Settled

Where can my student purchase textbooks?
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Professors will announce the required texts for their courses on the first day of classes. Students can find material for their courses at the McGill Bookstore, 3420 McTavish Street, or at Paragraphe Books, conveniently located near the downtown campus at 2220 McGill College Avenue.

If your student would like to buy second-hand books, he or she should first speak with the professor to confirm that a previous edition of the required text is acceptable for course use. The McGill Bookstore offers hundreds of used titles of current course materials. Students can also find used textbooks by consulting the McGill Classifieds, listed online at, or at The Word, located at 469 Milton Street.

For students at Macdonald Campus, the Robber’s Roost Bookstore is in the Centennial Centre and is run by the Macdonald Campus Students’ Society. The Mac Bookstore carries textbooks for Macdonald Campus courses and other supplies.

Where can my student purchase a computer?
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There are many large electronics stores located near campus and there is one on-campus retailer:
The McGill Computer Store, on the second floor of the McGill Bookstore at 3420 McTavish Street.

Where can I find everyday items for my student?
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See the map section of this handbook for a list of popular, conveniently located stores.
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How can my student find off-campus housing after the first year?
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Whether your student is looking for housing in the downtown area or around Macdonald Campus, the Off-Campus Housing offices are a good place to start the search. Your student can consult resources and housing lists available to McGill students. The downtown office can be reached at 514-398-6010, and on Macdonald Campus at 514-398-7992. Your student may also want to consult the online McGill Classified Ads, which are updated regularly.


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