Home Insurance

What kind of insurance will be made available to students visiting Parents Tent?

Two types of insurance will be offered by TD Insurance Meloche Monnex: automobile insurance and home or tenant insurance. Whether your student lives in McGill Residences or rents a place off campus, they most likely will want to insure their personal belongings, both inside and outside their home.

Should my student get tenant insurance if they are living in McGill Residences?

Yes, they should. Your lease at McGill does not include insurance. Most types of residences have turnkey plans and it’s easy to add extra features that make your coverage right for your student’s lifestyle.

What information will my student need to obtain a quote for residential insurance?

To obtain a free, no-obligation quote, please be ready to provide the following information:

  • Full address, including the room or apartment number;
  • Location of the nearest fire hydrant;
  • The building’s year of construction;
  • The number of units in the building;
  • Type of construction (brick, wood, stone, fire-proofing);
  • Type of heating (central gas or oil heating, electric heating or other);
  • Any valuables (personal computer or laptop, jewellery, sporting goods, etc.).

N.B. For students living in residence, the Parents Association has provided the necessary building information to help TD Meloche Monnex issue quotes promptly and save your student extra steps.

In terms of automobile insurance, what will determine my student’s rate?

Your student’s driving record plays an important role in determining the rate of their insurance policy. The longer your student has been accident-free and claims-free, the better the rate they will obtain. TD Meloche Monnex also offers students preferred group rates as well as easy to add options so they may tailor their coverage to their needs.

Where can I find more information?

You can call TD at 1-866-296-0777 or visit www.melochemonnex.com/mcgill. They will also be present at the McGill Parents Tent from August 26-29, 2011.