Retired Employees

Not finding what you’re looking for? McGill Human Resources has additional information for retired and former employees. Visit their website >>

Perks of retirement

Although you’ve entered your much-deserved retirement that doesn’t mean you are no longer part of the McGill community. Quite the opposite! There are a wide range of programs, services and activities designed specifically for retired employees. And now you actually have the time to take advantage of them.

Services for former employees

Are you getting your copy of the McGill News? Did you get your discount at the McGill Sports Complex? From library access to access to the elegant Faculty Club, retirees can continue to reap the benefits of the extensive resources available at McGill. Learn more >>

Mark your calendars

You may not know this, but retired faculty and staff are invited to nearly all events hosted on McGill’s campuses or around the world through the Alumni Association. Whether you’re in Montreal or Mumbai, chances are good that there’s a McGill event happening in your area. See the full schedule >>