Pre-departure and Arrival

McGill in your hometown

Every summer, the McGill Alumni Association hosts Student Send-Offs in cities around the world. At these events, current McGill students and young alumni from the region meet with incoming students and their families before they head to Montreal. Our McGill veterans answer questions, share insights and provide an initial support network for the University’s newest arrivals.
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A warm welcome

At the McGill Alumni Association, the transition to campus life – and, for some, a new city – can be both exciting and overwhelming. So we want to help. Every fall during Orientation festivities, our faculty, staff, and student and alumni volunteers are available to answer questions, provide directions, and offer words of wisdom on all things McGill and Montreal.
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Ask Me! Program

Once you arrive at McGill, keep your eyes peeled for our Ask Me! volunteers. (They’ll be the ones wearing the bright red t-shirts.) They'll be handing out maps of campus, Montreal and the metro, giving away great freebies, and generally pointing you in the right direction. Don't hesitate to pick their brains.

Residence Move-In Days

Not only do MAA volunteers have an encyclopedic knowledge of McGill; they also have strong backs. During Orientation, you will find us stationed at the various student residences around campus, offering another set of hands to help you get all your stuff into your new home, aka your dorm room. We will also be equipped with Frisbees, snacks, water and other supplies for when we need to take a breather.