Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR)

We are the student branch of the McGill Alumni Association, and our members act as official McGill student ambassadors at various events throughout the year. We also provide our members with special programs, networking opportunities and exclusive volunteer experiences. Our main objective is to “foster relations among students of the present, past, and future.”

SOAR’s Leadership

The 2012-2013 SOAR executive is: Jason Karmody (President), Fumitaka Soh (VP Finance), Kokulan Mahendiran (VP External), Payal Patel (VP Internal), Sean Rah (VP Services), and Alisa Li (VP Services).

Exam Care Packages

During finals, the SOAR team creates and distributes special Exam Care Packages to stressed-out students. These kits are available for purchase by parents, families and friends as a surprise for their favourite someone. We hand package loads of carefully chosen items such as stationary, snacks and other goodies that are sure to help any student survive those late-night study sessions

Packages are delivered in December and April at exam time. Order yours today >>


To learn more about any of these programs, send an email to soar [dot] alumni [at] mcgill [dot] ca. Or join our Facebook group >>