FAQ - Health and Dental Insurance

Will my student’s health insurance card from another Canadian province be accepted in Quebec?
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Your student’s provincial health insurance card is accepted at the on-campus clinic at Student Health Services and all hospitals. Students visiting a medical clinic other than Student Health Services may have to pay the doctor's fee out of pocket and then apply for a refund to the organization administering the health insurance plan of their province of origin. Note that students must contact their provincial health agency (by phone or in writing) to inform them that they will be studying outside the province, or their health coverage may be cancelled.

Is my student eligible for the Quebec provincial health insurance plan (RAMQ)?
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Students who have Canadian citizenship but no provincial health insurance are usually not eligible for RAMQ. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule. For further information about RAMQ eligibility, please visit the RAMQ’s website or call 514-864-3411.

Why should I pay for insurance offered by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) if my student is covered by my insurance plan?
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If your student is Canadian and covered by another private plan, he or she can combine the SSMU Health and Dental Plan or, for students enrolled in a program at the Macdonald Campus, the MCSS Health and Dental Plan (both plans are offered by the Students’ Society and Sun Life Financial) with their existing plan to maximize overall coverage. By doing so, it may be possible for your student to claim deductibles or co-payments that they would otherwise have to pay. The fees associated with the plan are billed directly to the student’s McGill fee statement.

Canadian students from outside the province of Quebec should check with their own provincial Medicare office to ensure the validity of their health coverage while studying at McGill in order to benefit from the student health insurance plan. This does NOT apply to international students. See the section For Parents of International Students addressing insurance for international students.

Can my student be exempted from the SSMU Health and Dental Plan?
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Canadian and Quebec students can opt out of the student health insurance plan by cancelling their coverage if they meet the exemption criteria. (This does NOT apply to international students. See the For Parents of International Students section.) Students may opt out of this plan during the Change-of-Coverage Period at the beginning of the fall semester by visiting ihaveaplan.ca. Students also have the possibility to opt out, for the duration of their undergraduate studies at McGill. Opt-out dates will be published in the McGill campus newspapers and online, notably on the SSMU website.

What does the SSMU and MCSS Health and Dental Plans cover?
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The student health insurance plans (SSMU and MCSS Health and Dental Plan) provide coverage for many important services not covered by provincial health care. For details on what health services are covered by this plan, refer to the information available at ihaveaplan.ca. Dental care is offered through the SSMU and MCSS Health and Dental Plans to both Canadian and international students.


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