Volunteer Opportunities around the World

Whether you live in Toronto or Tokyo, there are volunteer opportunities with the McGill Alumni Association available to you. Keep reading to learn more about our signature programs for McGillians located outside Montreal. In addition, we always love to hear from graduates, parents, students, and former faculty and staff who are interested in serving as ambassadors for the University. Drop us a line to find out how you can get involved. branches [dot] alumni [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email us >>)

Regional alumni branches

The McGill Alumni Association supports a network of regional alumni branches in cities around the globe. Overseen by the MAA’s Regional Programs Office in Montreal, these volunteer organizations plan McGill-themed events for local alumni and generally work to promote the University in their region.
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International Parents Council (IPC)

For McGill parents around the world who are interested in taking on a more active role, there is the International Parents Council. Members of this advisory group serve as a link between McGill and other parents who live in their communities. Currently, there are eight IPC committees, and we’re always on the lookout for volunteers in new regions. Learn more >>

Send-Offs for new students

For newly admitted students, the McGill experience starts at home. Every summer, the MAA organizes Send-Offs in dozens of cities around the world to welcome new students and their families and to answer their questions before they head to Montreal. These events rely heavily on volunteers, including hosts, alumni, parents and current students. Learn more >>

International Alma Mater Fund Council (IAMFC)

The IAMFC was created in 2007 to help the executive cabinet of Campaign McGill: History in the Making attain its goal of doubling the number of alumni donors who make annual gifts of $750 or more by 2012. These “leadership donors” are part of a small but very important group that has a major impact on the University’s ability to reach and surpass its Campaign goals. To this end, we have enlisted the help of alumni volunteers in a number of regions to reach out to their peers in an effort to expand our base of support. Learn more >>


Would you like to volunteer to be a mentor to a current McGill student in order to help him or her reach their career goals? The McGill Mentor Program, in existence for over 15 years, has matched hundreds of McGill alumni with students. Mentors have helped students in their search for advice, direction and a glimpse of reality in regards to what their futures might have in store. Meetings between mentor and mentee are as flexible as the participants desire them to be: they can occur as often as is convenient to both and range from casual exchanges to formal meetings to email exchanges to telephone calls. So you don’t have to live in Montreal to be a mentor.  Whether you just graduated last year or 50 years ago, please consider helping a McGill student. You can find out more at http://caps.mcgill.ca/ci2/index.php/front/page/about