McGill’s Standard of Conduct

Being a McGill Alumni Association volunteer is essentially a job – and a fun one, despite being unpaid. Donating time and experience to advancing McGill’s mission can be very rewarding.

All MAA volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will maintain or enhance the University’s excellent reputation.

As a simple guideline, volunteers are advised to approach their service to McGill as they would any professional position: working in a collaborative way with colleagues, recognizing accountability to the Alumni Association for decisions and demonstrating integrity in all dealings on behalf of the University.

In the course of their service, volunteers should treat everyone with whom they interact – fellow alumni, parents, students, staff, service providers and other volunteers – with courtesy and respect.

Should a volunteer’s conduct not meet these standards, the Alumni Association, with a view to preserving McGill’s reputation and the goodwill of the University’s alumni and friends, reserves the right to determine that the volunteer’s services are no longer required.