How Our Alumni Branches Are Organized

Structure, rights and responsibilities

In order to qualify as a McGill Alumni Association branch and benefit from the services and support provided by the Regional Programs Office (RPO), branches must comply with the branch conventions outlined below.

Setting up a branch

  • If there are sufficient volunteers, a Board of Directors will be elected for a two-year term. Positions include, but are not limited to, president, vice-president, past president, treasurer, young alumni representative, secretary and members-at-large. For descriptions of duties, click here >>
  • The board will meet a minimum of two times per year, or as needed to plan events and elect officers.
  • Elections will take place annually at the final meeting of the year to fill any vacant positions. Names will be put forward by board/branch members and will be voted upon at the meeting.
  • The branch will provide the RPO with annual updates of board and volunteer membership. Once the new slate of board members is elected, contact info should be forwarded to the RPO.
  • Working with the RPO, the branch president will complete an annual plan that:
  1. includes a financial report from the previous year’s activities
  2. lists the names and contact information of all members of the board
  3. outlines events for the upcoming year

Succession Planning

  • For all branches, a succession plan must be developed to ensure the continuity of the branch. Although the responsibility for creating such a plan generally lies with the president, it is the job of the entire board to ensure that a strong succession plan is in place.
  • Branch officers and members-at-large must be recruited and terms of office respected to ensure continued branch rejuvenation.
  • The infusion of new perspectives, ideas and energy are important to avoid stagnation and to encourage evolution into a mature organization. As such, it has been determined that holders of branch board positions should not serve more than four terms of two years.

How McGill supports its branches

Compliance with the MAA Branch Conventions above allows branches to benefit from the following RPO services and support:

  • RPO staff will provide advice and guidance on all branch-related topics
  • The RPO will provide resources for event planning, such as those in the online volunteer toolkit
  • DAR will provide webhosting large branch websites. All branch volunteers will receive the semi-annual Volunteer E-newsletter.
  • The RPO may organize networking speaking events with McGill alumni, professors and VIPs in regions that have a large number of alumni. The RPO will provide McGill giveaways for branch events, to be shipped to a branch representative once or twice annually.
  • The RPO will coordinate registration for all speaker events and for branch-driven events whenever possible.