It’s not what you know; it’s who you know and how you connect with them. Your alumni network is your greatest asset in your job hunt, allowing you to connect with McGill leaders, whatever your field of work.

McGill Alumni-branded Business Cards

Business cards continue to be an important and effective way to provide contact information to professionals or potential employers.

Take advantage of our professionally designed McGill Alumni business card template for your job interviews or career networking. They highlight your McGill education and will leave a good impression with anyone, as well as giving you an instant connection with any fellow McGillian.

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The Career Webinars Series

The Career Webinars Series is an interactive set of online seminars that features distinguished alumni in a variety of fields. Learn about what inspires them and apply those lessons to your career search.

Participate in networking events

McGill's career networking events provide students and alumni with a great opportunity to mingle and learn from other professionals.

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Find a McGill mentor

Have you graduated in the last year? If so, you are still eligible to be paired with a McGill alum who will mentor you in your preferred field of work.

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s Alumni tool, which allows you to search alumni by year of graduation, field of work, company and location.

Use CaPS’s Networking guide to learn how to make a great first impression.

Meet alumni online

Join the McGill University Alumni group on LinkedIn and participate in discussions with vetted alumni.

The 3 Questions Series

The 3 Questions Series offers a quick glance at what motivates inspiring alumni and how they eventually got to where they are today. Think long-term and start considering potential career opportunities.