Events and Webinars

The McGill community regularly organizes a wide variety of career events. Mark your calendar with our McGill Alumni Career Services Webinars, panel discussions on campus, and our networking events taking place around the world.

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Previous webinars and events

McGill UK Networking Dinner: Meet top industry professionals in an intimate setting (England alumni branch)
The McGill Networking Dinners offer an exclusive way to connect with top experts in a given field for just nine members of the McGill UK Community, while dining at one of London's great restaurants. Our first Networking Dinner will focus on the theme of entrepreneurship and is aimed at mid-level career professionals with at least several years of experience. As a bonus, special guest Mark Weinstein, Vice-Principal of Development and Alumni Relations at McGill, will also participate. Read more >>

McGill Speed Mentoring in Toronto (Toronto alumni branch)
McGill is organizing a networking and interactive speed mentoring event with a panel of six accomplished alumni at the top of their fields. Don't miss this amazing chance to expand your network, sharpen your professional skills, and learn how to succeed in Toronto's competitive job market. Bring your business cards! Read more >>

McGill Alumni Career Services talks to Ziya Tong, MA’99, co-host of Daily Planet

As part of the Virtual Office Hour series, McGill Alumni Career Services spoke with Ziya Tong (MA’99) – Co-Host of Daily Planet, about her career and how she was able to establish herself in the world of broadcasting. What followed was a fascinating conversation about persistence, resourcefulness and determination to follow one’s dream. Read more >>

Briefcase not required: POP Montreal’s Dan Seligman (BA’00) talks to recent grads about building a career you love
When we invited Dan Seligman, BA’00, Founder and Creative Director of POP Montreal to speak to graduating students and recent grads at Backpack to Briefcase 2013, we didn’t really know what to expect. Dan started his prepared remarks by letting us know that he’s more of a “hoodie” than a “briefcase” guy. Over the course of the evening, Dan went on to share his career story and some of the key lessons learned. Read more >>

Briefcase not required: Gail Vaz Oxlade’s simple rules for managing your money
If you ask Gail Vax Oxlade about managing money, she makes it seem extremely simple. Speaking to a room full of young alumni and students, the financial writer and TV personality preached her brand of financial prudence with her trademark vigour and enthusiasm. When the McGill Young Alumni group invited Alumni Career Services to partner with them and bring Gail to McGill as part of Backpack to Briefcase 2013, we knew it would be an entertaining talk. What we didn’t know was just how educational it would be. Read more >>

Briefcase not always required: Lisa Kisber talks personal style, fashion and what not to wear at work.
Lisa Kisber, BA’01, BCL/LLB’05, founder of and Official Style Blogger at Virgin Radio, arrived with flair in McGill red, sipping coffee and tweeting about her participation in our annual Backpack to Briefcase program. A room full of women including students, recent grads, and seasoned professionals was there to hear what Lisa was going to share about how to dress for success. Read more >>

Briefcase not required, but dressing with some style helps: Harry Matta on men’s dressing for success
As part of Backpack to Briefcase 2013, we asked Harry Matta – Regional Director of Harry Rosen – to speak about Dressing for Success for men. Harry gave invaluable advice on how to build a professional wardrobe and to make the transition from wearing a hoodie and a backpack to wearing a suit and a briefcase. Read more >>

Virtual Office Hours
Tim Kiladze (BCom'07) - Report on Business, Globe and Mail and Diego Osorio (BA'96) - Special Assistant for the United Nations mission for Iraq participate in online, "round-table" style discussions with students and recent grads. Participants will be able to chat with, and ask questions relating to the speaker's career and professional interests. Recordings of the sessions can be found here:
Tim Kiladze (BCom'07) - Report on Business, Globe and Mail
Diego Osorio (BA'96) - Special Assistant for the United Nations mission for Iraq