Job Boards

You’re now ready to apply for a job. McGill offers job boards exclusive to alumni, as well as Boards for the entire McGill community.

Exclusive McGill Job Boards

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The Alumni Online Community (AOC), official home of the McGill Alumni Association, offers job opportunities exclusive to alumni. You must be an AOC member to access these listings (sign-up here). View listings >>

The McGill University Alumni Group offers a wide variety of job opportunities exclusive to alumni on LinkedIn.

Run by McGill’s Career and Placement Services, myFuture is an exclusive job board for McGill students and alumni. It boasts advanced search options and an integrated application process. It is geared mostly towards students and recent graduates.

myFuture external Job Boards

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Arts Job Board: Canada's twice monthly employment and training e-bulletin for the Arts. (Under myFuture, 2nd Page under “Career Resources” section)

Big Guide to Living and Working Abroad: The authoritative guide on international careers. (Under myFuture, 2nd Page under “Career Resources” section)

Bridge: Music-related postings, including performance, teaching and arts administration opportunities, grants and competitions. (myFuture, 2nd page in “Career Resources”)

Canada Employment Weekly: Weekly digest of job opportunities from across Canada. (myFuture, 2nd page in “Career Resources”)

Liberal Arts Job Board
: An employment bulletin for liberal arts professions across the U.S. and Canada. (myFuture, 2nd page in “Career Resources”)

International Career Employment Weekly: Weekly comprehensive source of information on international career positions. (myFuture, 2nd page in “Career Resources”)

The Chronicle of Higher Education: U.S.-based, the Chronicle is the top news and job-information source for college and university faculty members, administrators, and students (myFuture, 2nd page in “Career Resources”)

The International Educator: The marketplace for international education, the venue where schools can find exceptional candidates, and teachers can find exceptional jobs. (myFuture, 2nd page in “Career Resources”)

University Affairs: Canada’s number one magazine on higher education and academic jobs. (myFuture, 3rd page in “Career Resources”)

Other Online Job Boards

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Biotechnology Jobs

Marketing Jobs

Non-Profit Sector

Tourism Jobs

  • go2: The resource for people in tourism


Even more Job Board sites

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Eluta: The Search Engine for New Jobs in Canada

Université de Montréal boasts a detailed breakdown of Job Boards in Québec

For a broader Canadian perspective, take a look at University of Waterloo’s breakdown of Canadian Job Boards

Want to work abroad? UC Berkeley has compiled a list of helpful American and European job hunting sites.

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