Department of Psychiatry Academic Fund


Advancing research, scholarship and discovery

For more than 60 years, McGill’s Department of Psychiatry has been an international leader in psychiatric education and research. Psychiatry faculty members are recognized for their cutting-edge work in such areas as child psychiatry, pain, schizophrenia and autism.

Leading the way

To maintain the department’s position as a leader in the field of psychiatry, faculty and staff have rallied together to start the McGill Department of Psychiatry Academic Fund. Money raised through this new fund will support innovative education and training programs in the department and help to develop new technologies in collaboration with the Arnold and Blema Steinberg Medical Simulation Centre – initiatives that are sure to have a lasting impact far beyond McGill’s Roddick Gates.

We turn to you

Please make your gift to support the McGill Department of Psychiatry Academic Fund. Not only will your donation count towards Campaign McGill, it will make a powerful difference in the lives of psychiatry students, professors and researchers, both today and in the future. Give now >>