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Future initiatives

The Campus Community Committee has selected three featured projects that will kick off our campaign: supporting our students, greening our campuses and improving our University. But these are just the beginning.

In the coming months, we hope to expand our focus to include more initiatives that deserve the support of the McGill community. That’s where you come in!


Share your thoughts

Faculty and staff members are invited to submit a proposal for a fundraising project within their department or faculty that:


  • responds to a need within the unit
  • is attainable financially within the timeframe of Campaign McGill (until April 2013)
  • encourages your colleagues to support the University

Any member of our internal community can suggest a project if they feel that sufficient financial contributions could be garnered from colleagues.

All projects submitted must be approved by the Campus Community Steering Committee, Development and Alumni Relations and the Dean or Unit/Department Supervisor.

Thank you for being a part of the Campaign Community Campaign!

Personal Information
Project Information
Provide a brief description of the project, its objectives and the impact on your unit.
Indicate the anticipated project timeframe (estimated start and completion dates.
Who will be affected by the project? Have all the stakeholders been consulted? Please summarize their response. If your project involves other groups or departments, please list them.
List the main tasks associated with the proposed project coming to fruition and the names of the individuals responsible.
Provide details of the main expenses associated with this project.
List any supporting or relevant information that will add more detail to your application.