Campus Safety

Montreal is a safe city. Nevertheless, students must always take precautions to protect themselves and their property. With this in mind, McGill offers a range of security services that will help students enjoy a safe and secure University experience, both on and off campus.

Parents can make the University’s efforts more effective by encouraging students to participate in crime prevention and personal safety programs, to mark their property, to use the available security equipment, and to promptly report suspicious people, vehicles or activities to Security Services.

McGill Security Services

Downtown Campus:
514-398-3000 (emergencies)
514-398-4556 (general information and other security services)

Macdonald Campus:
514-398-7777 (emergencies)
514-398-7770 (general information)

McGill University Security Services provides services and expertise to ensure the safety and security of the University community. Uniformed personnel patrol the campus, control building access, transport students with disabilities and respond to incidents and emergencies. Each campus has a Security Operations Centre that functions 24/7 and responds to the emergency number at all hours.

Services and programs offered by Security Services:

Emergency telephones
Each campus also has a network of yellow emergency telephones located in strategic areas. These telephones, easily recognizable at night by a blue light to mark their locations, connect students to the Security Operations Centre with the push of a button.

All public payphones on campus can be used to reach us at no charge by dialing 514-398-3000. They are also connected to the 911 system at no charge. If you call 911, please place a follow-up call to Security Services.

514-398-2498 (free from any campus payphone)
1-877-WALKSAFE (toll-free)

McGill Walksafe provides a safe alternative to walking or taking public transportation alone at night. Walksafe patrol teams will accompany students to any location on the Island of Montreal. During the school year, Walksafe operates Sunday through Thursday from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m., and Friday and Saturday from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. To request a Walksafe escort, students can call either of the numbers above or stop a Walksafe patrol team on the street. Patrol teams are easily identifiable by their red McGill Walksafe jackets, and are equipped with two-way radios for communication with the dispatcher.

Security Services maintains a close working relationship with the McGill Walksafe executive. When Walksafe is not available, Security Services agents will provide the service within certain limits.

Night Route Map
A night route map is made available to encourage students who walk alone to take the brightest and most frequented routes. Emergency and public telephones are also identified on this map.

S.T.O.P. Program
McGill Security Services has teamed up with hardware protection specialists Security Tracking of Office Property (S.T.O.P.) to ensure that students’ belongings aren’t targeted for theft. The S.T.O.P. system works by attaching a special security plate to a student’s property, such as a laptop. Each plate carries a barcode that is registered with both McGill Security and S.T.O.P., and comes with a warning label letting would-be thieves know that ownership of the laptop is permanently registered, thus rendering resale (the prime reason for laptop theft) very difficult.

If a laptop is lost or stolen, the barcode and 24-hour hotline listed on the plate allow anyone who finds it to contact S.T.O.P. and ensure that the laptop is returned to its owner. Laptop registration is offered at the Parents Tent and around campus during Welcome Week events.

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